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Item# 620004

Chemical-free powerful cleaning
Removes hard water stains, limescale, mineral build up, rust, soap scum
Use on toilets, tubs, showers and sinks


Item# 622037

New modern design!
Stiffer Blue Bristles for tight corners and creases
Softer White Bristles for general surface cleaning



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Item# 620030

Non scratch pad
Antimicrobial protection on scrubber pad


Item# 620029

Extending pole for cleaning hard-to-reach spots
Easy to remove, refillable scrubbing pad
Angled scrubber design for reaching into corners 


Item# 628040

New updated design!
Ergonomic rubber grip provides comfort while in use

Antimicrobial protection on rubber lip protects against odor-causing bac


Item# 620034

• New modern, decor-neutral design!
• Comfort handle plunger to carry from room to room
• Locking System to keep plunger in place while transporting
• No Drip Carry Cadd


Item# 620032

New modern, decor-neutral design! • Comfort handle for better leverage
Extra long 15.5 handle keeps hands dry
Professional grade toilet plunger c


Item# 620027

New modern, decor-neutral design! • Attractive “Hide-Away” caddy - keeps floors dry and clean
Ergonomic soft rubber grip provides comfort while


Item# 620026

New modern, decor-neutral design!
Ergonomic grip provides comfort while in use
Splash guard on handle prevents hands from getting wet during use.


Item# 620025

New modern, decor-neutral design!
Flexing brush head reaches tough spots under the toilet bowl rim
Holder to prevent dripping and provide storage


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