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Mops & Brooms

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Item# 623077

With the power of microfiber the Clorox Microfiber Cloth Mop is effective in lifting and locking away dirt, dust and pet hair. So know you are getting your floors as clean as can b


Item# 626015

Quilted, microfiber pad grabs dirt, hair, fur and more!
Wide head for extra floor coverage
Can be used wet or dry
Bungee head to protect fur


Item# 626512

Padded and quilted
Picks up fine dust, dirt, and hair
Great for both dry and wet mopping • Wash and reuse


Item# 621432

Extra large sweep path is great for quickly cleaning open areas
Extra angled broom head allows you to reach into corners and under furniture and cabinets


Item# 621009

Large Angle Broom with Firm Sweep® bristles
Wall gripping handle cap
Extra angled head for easier reach
Shroud design for durability and qu


Item# 626010

Absorbent sponge!
Scrubber attached to sponge helps remove tough spots
Comfortable, easy wring handle
Rollers provide tight squeeze for wrin


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Item# 626011

Urethane sponge is absorbent and easy to wring
Scrubber strip on edge of sponge helps to remove tough spots on floors
Easy to remove and replace on mo


Item# 626012

Absorbent cellulose sponge!
Comfortable, easy pull handle
Wringing mechanism provides a tight squeeze on sponge

Antimicrobial protecti


Item# 626013

Large, cellulose sponge is extra absorbent
Easy to remove and replace on mop head


Item# 626749

Large cotton mop head
Easy to remove and replace
Mop head is reusable and washable


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