2-1 Grout Brush

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The Clorox Dual-Sided Grout Brush is designed specifically to clean the grout between tiles, but it does much more. The stiffer blue bristles are best for tight areas while the softer white bristles can be used for general surface cleaning. The bristles have antimicrobial protection. The comfort grip handle is easy to hold, even when hands are wet and soapy.

  • 2-sided bristles for ultimate bathroom cleaning
  • Stiff blue bristles are better for tight areas; softer white bristles are ideal for general surfaces
  • Durable stiff bristles for effective cleaning
  • Comfort grip handle provides a secure and comfort grip
  • Clorox cleaning tools have antimicrobial protection against odor causing bacteria. The antimicrobial material is built into the brush bristles providing continuous protection that wont wash off or wear away.