Clorox EZ Wring Roller Mop Refill

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Use this refill with the Clorox Roller Mop that features an easy-to-wring pull lever and an extra absorbent mop head. Strong, durable rollers make cleaning quick and easy by squeezing excess water out of the sponge without getting your hands wet. The mop sponge is easy to remove and replace to last longer and save you money. Clorox cleaning tools have antimicrobial material built in, providing continuous protection of the sponge head that won’t wash off or wear away. Clorox Cleaning Tools help keep your home happy and healthy- all the way down to the floor!

Product Features

  • Improving sponge head to be more absorbent with better water retention.
  • More absorbent better performing mop head in new color.
  • No more pushing water around on the floor!
  • Keep hands dry with easy pull wringer.
  • Mop sponge is easy to remove and replace
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