Clorox Flex Scrub Brush with Removable Handle

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Multi-Purpose Flex Brush with removable handle allows product to be used as a bar brush or iron handle brush. Antimicrobial protection of the brush fibers provides cotinuouse protection that won't wash off or wear away.

Our Clorox Flex Scrub Brush features a removable handle that basically gives you two brushes in one. The elevated handle allows for maximum leverage and cleaning power when scrubbing, in addition to keeping the brush in the best position to sweep broad areas. The flexible head gives you the ability to dig in by the front end of the brush as well as flexing backward on its heel, which means tight crevasses and corners are never out of reach. Take the handle off and the Flex Scrub Brush becomes a completely different cleaning tool, able to get closer to where the grime is for an even more thorough job. Two bristle stiffnesses are available, depending on how you want to treat the surface you're cleaning. The nonslip rubberized grip of the handle gives you comfort and control, even if wet or if you're using gloves.

Product Features

  • Flexing brush hugs curves of sinks and tubs to cleaning effectively
  • Removable handle--gives you more than one way to use your brush
  • Comfort non - slip handle grip
  • Clorox cleaning tools have antimicrobial protection against odor causing bacteria. The antimicrobial material is built into the brush bristles providing continuous protection that wont wash off or wear away.
  • Ergonomic nonslip handle--rubberized grip prevents slipping even when wet
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